Puppy plans

Da har vi vært og tatt ultralyd i dag på dag 26, og kan nå bekrefte at det vokser valer i magen til Milla. :) ar merket de siste dagene ei adferds endring hos Milla, men har ikke tort å håpe for mye. så nå er det bare å vente frem til vi kan ta rønken fra dag 45-50 :)

Sedan har vi tagits ultaljud idag på dag 26 och kan nu bekräfta att det växer valpar i Milla sin mage. :) Har märkt de senaste dagarna en beteendemässig förändring hos Milla, men jag känner mig inte som hoppas för mycket. så nu väntar det bara tills vi kan ta rönken från dag 45-50 :)

Then we have been taken ultrasound today on day 26, and can now confirm that it grows puppies in the stomach of Milla. :) Have noticed the last few days a behavioral change at Milla, but I do not feel like hoping too much. so now it's just waiting until we can take the x-ray from day 45-50 :)

Da Milla kom i løpetid ca 3 uker før tiden. så har parring skjedd 16 og 17 Mars. :)

Så nå må vi bare vente i spenning på om det vokser valper i magen til Milla ;)


När Milla kom in i löpetiden omkring 3 veckor före tiden. sedan parning ägde rum 16 och 17 mars.:)

Så nu måste vi bara vänta i misstankar om att växa valpar i Milla;)

When Milla came in here heat about 3 weeks before time. then mating took place March 16 and 17. :)

So now we just have to wait in suspicion of growing puppies in the stomach of Milla;)


About Milla:

Milla is a miss who is part of most, as long as she can be with me she is happy. She is not very fond of being alone when she is a pet animal.

At home she is the calm herself. to lie close to my neck or completely to me for as long as she is allowed. but she can also sleep on the floor. But I have to admit that having an extra headrest has not made me anything. ;)

When we are out to "work" she is ON. She is cooperative, taught, wants to "please" lead. One can look at Milla that she thrives when she gets the job, whether it is hunting, track, rally obedience or regular obedience. She thrives in the job she is given.

We competed something when she was around 1 year, but then the head was so immature yet so did not come so far, and in the last year I have studied studies so unfortunately it has gone beyond the competition training with the dogs.

She can be perceived as soft by strangers as she is not the first to greet, but she must see you "ann" at a distance, but when she first arrives she is the most devout, cuddly and amazing dog that it is not hard to be happy and charmed by her.

Most of them are charmed by her charm and the way she works, when she has a look that is hard to say "no" to.


Men Eierne til Cuba forteller dette om han:

 Cuba is an obedient and a quick learning male with his own head and Ideas. He loves working and learning with me. He is totally passionate about dummy training but he is still quiet and focussed. When he was a young teen, he sometimes just had the ladies in his mind, but meanwhile we were able to work with him next to a heat female and he could mostly focus on what he supposed to do ;). I´m working very regularly with Cuba and in 2015 he gets best dog in our first Dummy beginner class competition. Cuba managed this challenge impressively, as if he knew “now it´s going to be serious”. In the year 2016 and this year we successfully took part on a few working tests to improve our skills even more. For him, it is important that I am relaxed. He quickly takes my mood. 

In our everyday life Cuba is the perfect companion. He loves every kind of water, unfortunately especially muddy ones which brings the mud into our house :) He is completely relaxed at home or even in the office. As already mentioned he has a fine sense for us and knows when it´s his time. But even so he is a relaxed dog he wants to work, so we additionally work on his trick skills at home. 

In November 2015 we managed our first hunting competition so called JP/R for young retriever with dead ducks & rabbits. Cuba shows with very good notes, that he enjoys retrieving. He carries and holds that guys without saying. Due to the fact that I personally don´t like to work with dead animals that much and dont't have a hunting licence we decided not to extend Cuba´s skills in that area. We did this test to show his natural skills in retrieving animals. I would say he is very natural talentent. But even the training is very hard to fulfil because we have some hard laws regarding hunting and working with dead animals in Germany without a hunting licence. 

Nevertheless, we want to pass a Tolling test in September in Germany and of course there are ducks again. Brrr.. :-D 

Since this year we have also sniffed in Tracking, but there we are still at the beginning.

In contact with humans Cuba is very open minded, he loooves getting fondled or petted. Cuba is not really interested in foreign people, he has a quick look to introduce himself but does not really need more people than us. Same for kids, Cuba is friendly and loves be crawled, but not really interested. 

Other dogs are no problem at all, he enjoys playing with any dog who wants to play with him. As a teen he thought he would be the greatest and was a bit brisk. But now he knows how to be gentle infront of any male or female dogs. 

Ohh one thing.. He does not like cats ;-) I think we missed him to get used by cats in puppy time. Shame on me.. 
Summarized Cuba is just an incredible companion, dog with best results of health (also HD: A1 ED: 0) , big passion for work and a really good looking appearance and body.

I think you've already done it, but you see all Informations about health, shows and work on our Homepage www.cuba-toller.de